WWE NXT Superstars (Pemain NXT)

Posted: Agustus 1, 2010 in Wrestling, WWE NXT

Alex Riley

The Miz’s pairing last season with NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan might not have been an ideal fit for The “Awesome One,” but the former Unified Tag Team Champion and United States Champion is confident that fellow admitted egotist and self-proclaimed “rare breed” Alex Riley will thrive under his tutelage in season two.

The Miz

Eli Cottonwood

At more than 7-feet tall and weighing more than 300 pounds, Eli Cottonwood is the most physically imposing NXT Rookie yet. He boasts an impressive athletic resume that his WWE Pro John Morrison will surely look to build upon and expand.

John Morrison

Husky Harris

Husky Harris, the grandson of the legendary “Blackjack” Mulligan, and the son of “I.R.S.” Mike Rotundo, is a former high school wrestling state champion and a junior college All-American football player. This third-generation competitor is paired with WWE Pro Cody Rhodes, who is certainly no stranger to living up to a legacy as a second-generation Superstar.

Cody Rhodes


For the first time on WWE NXT, WWE Divas are stepping into the Pros position with Layla & Michelle McCool mentoring Rookie Kaval. Will the sinister SmackDown stunners take to the talented competitor or will Kaval quickly learn that sometimes the most dangerous dealings in WWE happen outside of the ring?


Michelle McCool

Lucky Cannon

After surviving a near-death experience, NXT Rookie Lucky Cannon learned to live life to the fullest. Now, the 6-foot-5 grappler is bringing his wild enthusiasm and raw talent to WWE NXT under the tutelage of Mark Henry. One of the most experienced WWE Pros on this season, The World’s Strongest Man will show the Florida native that you have to be more than lucky to make it in WWE — you have to be tough.

Mark Henry

Michael McGillicutty

Third-generation competitor Michael McGillicutty has quite a legacy to continue as the grandson of Larry “The Axe” Hennig, and the son of “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig. McGillicutty benefits from the quick expertise and charisma of his WWE Pro, Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston

Percy Watson

While Percy Watson loves to party, he is also an accomplished athlete and a promising NXT Rookie. His WWE Pro, MVP, will be looking to hone the NXT Rookie’s natural athleticism, as well as Watson’s experience of playing in the NFL, to propel him to the top of WWE NXT.


Titus O’Neil

Not only will Zack Ryder be imparting some of his trademark fashion tips to his NXT Rookie Titus O’Neil this season, but he’ll be passing on a few of his considerable in-ring skills, as well. A former WWE Tag Team Champion, The Long Island Loudmouth always has a lot to say, and will be looking to use ihis notorious gift of gab to lead O’Neil to victory in WWE NXT’s second season.

Zack Ryder


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